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What Made You Smile Today?

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I met David Walliams. Brought 8 manga volumes, war of the worlds, avengers poster, the hobbit poster, two frankenweenie glasses and a load of Japanese oriental food.

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Two kids at college had a serious fight in the hallway today and everyone surrounding them was in agony from laughing.


BOY 1: I AM from Africa

BOY 2: No you aren't...

BOY 1: I think I should f**king know if I'm from Africa or not!

BOY 2: Mate, you aren't from Africa!

BOY 1: I am from f**cking Africa, DO NOT MAKE ME UNLEASH THE LION ON YOU! *Jumps in the air, does the splits and jumps back up and does random karate movements*

BOY 2: ....

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