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Happy Birthday!

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Since I like bragging about how I reach 12 AM before many of members :tongue0020: and now it's almost 1 AM and the 11th of october just arrived over here, so that gives me the right to officialy be the first to wish a dear friend of mine a very Happy and Wonderful Birthday.




:ohyeah::ohyeah: :3m_sie: :3m_sie: :wub::wub:



I reallllly love you girl and wish you a very happy and wonderful year and many maaaaany years to come!

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Wow so many comments and its not even my birthday here yet!!!! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! It means the world to me!!


Noura, you are the best ever and I love you!!!


Tom, what are you talking about??? Totally the right song!! :P


Chris, thanks buddy!!!


Ashley, thanks girl i love you!!! I hope your doing well!!! I think about you all the time!!!


Sammy, Thanks love <3333 back at ya!


Lindy, you are the sweetest!! Thanks so much!!


Carlyn, Thanks hun!!


Andrew, thanks bud! Miss seeing you around!


Kimmie, :3m_sie: that cake is gorgeous!! And, I am thinking about getting ALL the DVDs for me bday because I actually dont own any!!! (I only have them downloaded.... SSSHHHHHH)


Karen, AW!!! G-D bless you too!!!




Guys, I have a HUGE exam tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIE!!! GD bless you!!! you are amazing <3




Wow so many comments and its not even my birthday here yet!!!! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! It means the world to me!!


I was JUST thinking the same thing. Did a double-take because literally 2 seconds before I saw this thread I went, "Oh, tomorrow's Arie's birthday...I have time to wish her." And BAM, plans = demolished. :yesyes:


Happy birthday amazing, intelligent, beautiful woman! Welcome to your 20's (yes, they are better than your teens. Anyone who disagrees can get it from me :mad: ). I'm sorry I haven't been around to talk to you. Last time we talked was a month ago just about. Things have been insane.


But! I do think about you. And I miss you, and we need to do a voice chat verrry soon. Would love to hear your voice. Congrats on the second decade!!! You deserve it!! I admire your perserverance!!


Good luck on that exam too :o . ;) . Love yoooooooou, Arie!!! <333.

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Kim, Thank you!!! And, don't worry I think of you all the time!! We are both just super busy!!!!! We will talk!!!!!



Ashley, I recently deactivated my facebook account. I had really bad experiences with FB. I tried to keep my account super private, but I still did not feel comfortable with it. So I no longer have. Sorry!!! But, I am always here to talk through PM or MSN... my email is Ariebelles@hotmail.com

And, I am thrilled to hear that you are doing well!!!

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I love you Ariebelles! <3 You're the best grand daughter/friend an old man could ever ask for! :3m_sie:




I decided to buy you this shoe closet for your birthday. I hope you like it!



And because your gampy is always thinking about his little Ariebelles! I also bought you this mini fork lift so you can reach the top shelves! >.<



have an amazing day hun and I know you will do me proud on your exam tomorrow! :)

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Thanks Sarah.


Hun, I hardly talk to anyone anymore. I am so busy its insanity. I get like an hour to myself at night around this time and thats it. Please don't take it personally.




AH I LOVE YOU JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that forklift was our BEST idea yet!!!

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Happy Birthdaaaaaay! :D I WILL make something for you, but I don't want to rush into making something in the 10 minutes I have before I have to leave for my lecture >.< I hope you have a great day and I'm sure your exam will go absolutely fine! <3333 :3m_sie: :3m_sie: :3m_sie:

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Chris, thanks so much!!! I am so honored that you remembered!


Court, aw thanks!! I hope so too!!


Cath, thanks so much hun! I hope your right.


Ellen, thanks so much your the sweetest and best ever. Love ya!


Boma you are not late at all... Well in my timezone lol. Thank you!


Widu, shut up! I hate you!!! :P I want to be a kids forever!! And I won't be like you don't worry hahahaha

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