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Do you drink milk?


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Used to be a milkaholic. Drank it with every meal instead of water... then I lived in NZ and got to taste high pasteurized milk, YUK! So I got used to water instead. Now I drink a couple of litres a week, usually not with meals but as a snack :) Or with cereal or hot chocolate... but I really love milk, couldn't live without it!

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I saw this in the side topics and I HAD to respond. xD Yes, I do drink milk. Not so much at school cuz that's kinda...idk...bleh. I do put half and half (half milk half cream) in my coffee/tea though - everyday. I love milk and I drink it especially at my house, and I always used to drink it as a kid. I even like warm milk which a lot of people think is gross.

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I get indegestion from not sleeping properly so it helps settle my stomach.

In my case it's the inverse ! i have hard times digest milk.


I'm not drinking milk anymore, but yesterday I watched a documentary about milk (we produce a lot of milk in France), and it made me realize I should drink a bit of milk, so I'm thinking about having half a glass per day, something like that. 

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