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Photoshop vs Paint Shop Pro?


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Well, I think Adobe is the industry standard for a reason. There are excellent open source alternatives, but something always brings me back to Adobe. And as a professional I'm not allowed to pirate, so yes I dish out hundreds to thousands of dollars for the software, so I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. ;) Photoshop is great, even for web design (which, of course, it's not designed for), it does everything I need. And even the difference between CS4 and CS5 is brilliant, and definitely worth the investment. I know that the web is changing a lot and soon everything will need to be scalable and I'll need to design completely in vector (using Illustrator, likely), but until then I will stick with my trusty friend Photoshop. :P

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I have used both but by far I prefer paintshop pro X5 (15), generally because I find it much easier & more intuitive to use than photoshop. To be fair photoshop does do several things better it's filters & the way you can customize text are much better. If I am honest I probably do not have the patience to learn how to get the best out of photoshop & as I am generally happy with the results i get from paintshop that what I will carry on using.



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I've been using paint shop pro since I was 13, so I prefer to use that, I have jasc's version I'd never use corel. I also have photoshop, which I am trying to use more, and I use when I want to do something paint shop pro can't, but I am still very much attached to my psp9.  I like masking, hard cutting, and how certain feature work better, and it's much more user friendly.

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