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The one out the window of the Airplain and the last photo looking up through the trees reminded me very much of the photos I used to see in National Geographic when I was a kid. :yesyes:

:o Actually, when I was in high school I wished to take photos like that :P


I'll edit this post later with pics or graphics.

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Here's some average but new photos, they don't do Devonport justice, it's one of my favourite places (in my city). I was trying a setting on my camera that I haven't used before and they came out too pixaly and less sharp. Well actually it's opposite the city obviously, but still part of my city. :0_0:


(See the tallest building in the distance? That's the Skytower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, I see it everyday)




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its 100x better than Sydney, i wouldnt mind living in the area. It's so nice hahaha.


I like the pictures of the seagulls, i been trying to do that, but i failed everytime hahaha.. anyways, love the photos Kim.

the photos has warms feelings, cus of the colours (my friend said)

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