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cute puppy and hi doggy ;p. The time turner photos are well taken nice lighting, perfect, and how can u steady ur hand like that?? they're amazing, d photo i mean lol. n i want ur lens ;p mine's crap as haahahahahaha

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nice update Snuffles ;p i love the pics, u have a cute cat <3 and well done with the awards and thx for doing them for us


keep doin wat u doin, its awesome

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Very very very good job on all of these. They're all stunning :o .

The PoA wallpaper is my absolute favourite. Great job piecing multiple pictures together; the transitions came out very smooth in that one.

Also love the "Most Dedicated Member" signature from the Boys' Forum Awards. Very cute, and tasteful, as always. :yesyes:


Can't wait to see what's next. ;)

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Thanks for commenting <3 :D


I made this yesterday...



I think it's better than things I've made lately :P Just had no creativity and kind of chucked them together, sorry :doh: But anyway, I like that ^ becauseee it has the theme of when I first became a huuuge Harry Potter/Emma Watson fan :P I miss that time, COS/POA era. Those are the type of website posts I saw, and Emma was just stunning at the NY Premiere, it's always been my favourite. I remember looking at a magazine with Emma at this premiere, and going 'wow' haha :mellow: Same with the London Premiere, but this one more. It's a bit simple but... I like simple :blush: Sometimes. Hope you like it :o

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As always, your graphics are stunning. :wub:


I went to the New York PoA premiere. It was insane and I got into a fight with a woman from Long Island. :o

Ohhh, the things I regret I did. :doh:


On another note :rolleye0012: I agree with you on Emma's wardrobe from the NY PoA premiere. It was phenomenal. <3.

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