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The best in my opinion. Love it, very springish.

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Woah, guess what I just saw on the news?? The very horse I photographed above :D I was amazed and forgot to turn the volume up to actually hear what it was about, and I saw the others I photographed too but deleted! Haha just wanted to share that.


I intend on making GIFs from this scene (if they're rubbish I won't post :P animations aren't my forté but this is all I have for now!



I think the 'wow' text really suits the twins' personalities! :P Shame I can't figure out how to add new fonts to Photoshop Portable >.< I always have to use the limited default ones.

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I had no clue you had tons of graphics posted in here. :doh: I, for the most part, have avoided the graphics forum because I feel I might get intimidated by all these amazing graphics and photos like yours. :P

I think I have fallen in love with your country even more. If I can? I will be reviewing your photos this weekend to decide what will go up on my walls in matted frames ^_^ for my new room.

You have an incredible talent. Those photos are absolutely wonderful. It's something interesting to see someone's hobby unfold and see what they see through a lens of a camera, and what matters to them and why they have taken a photo of a particular item or place or whatever they see fit to photograph.

I love them all. :yesyes:

Keep on keepin' on your graphic design and photography. The only way you can go is up from here, and the only obstacles that will cross your path are those which you allow.

What you have is something that can be expanded even further.

It will be interesting to see what comes next if you decide to continue in the coming years.



-Your Twin <3

Edited by Lena
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-clears throat- :o:lol:





-holds up picket sign for evidence...emphasis-



:mellow: Wait. That's not the right one! :blush:



Oh, that's better. ^_^

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I'll be watchin'. In the shadows :ph34r: , in the house of a mansion with a candlestick.

Don't ask.


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