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Emma Watson to Star in Thriller ‘Regression’

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Omg, I got unspeakably excited when I saw that the trailer is out. But now I'm terribly disappointed it's not in English! I want to hear their real voices. Please! : ((((

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Ok fist off for any of my East Coast and Northern pals here, STAY WARM... We are having record temps here....the winds and wind chills forget about it...poor NE is getting slammed again with blizzards.


I finally saw the teaser- EMMA WILL BE AWESOME IN THIS...this is so the type of movie I actually don't like- gives me nightmares Lol...but to see Emma in this and Ethan Hawke and Emma reunited with David Thewlis? Sooooo will be seeing it first nite it opens!!!!!! Just have to keep repeating to myself "it's only a movie, it's only a movie" ;)

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