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What The Football Team She Like?

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She's from London, and Manchester City is from Manchester lol... but i dont think she watches football at all.. i read once that Emma watched a game, but forgot which team lol... Chelsea would be the biggest possibility since she's from London

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Maybe Emma was there with Daria Zhukova. She is a model and fashion designer along with other things. Maybe they are friends through that.


It must have been something to do with that. I can't think of any other way Emma would have a connection to Roman Abramovich, or any connection to Chelsea FC. I'd wager she probably doesn't care too much about football.

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Hmm... now I'm thinking maybe she was just there in the same box with them. It was the VIP box.


Those photos appeared in mid March 2009.


A couple days later Emma posted on her site that she had been to her first football match and now felt "like a true Brit".


A month later in Interview magazine, Derek Blasberg talks about going with Emma to her first football match.



So, maybe Abramovich and Zhukova was just a coincidence, and she was there with Blasberg.


And I'd agree, if that was her first game, she's probably not a big fan.

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