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  1. So, he finally came through. We predicted December 2017 I think.
  2. I never keep up with twitter and the like, thanks for the updates KS.
  3. John


    Someone actually made a mod for just this reason, it changes all spider textures with bears. The result might be a bit more frightening though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D08XkfPNQyI
  4. John


    Playing the hell outta Skyrim right now. Amazing game.
  5. Was she at the film festival there?
  6. That's not necessarily... I don't even..
  7. Looks like we have some information about release dates here.
  8. Where do these things come from? oh jesus now they're combining!
  9. Just as well, Emma wallpapers can go in this topic.
  10. Thank you Rhoda, what would we do without you?
  11. You can't rely on the United States Telepostal Service, try sending it it through UTS (United Telepostal Service) or FedEx.
  12. That's unfortunate, although I think it's less about people not reading and more about people reading through different means. If it's cheaper to buy e-books then people won't buy the physical book. Similar situation for Blockbuster, however, I think they're currently in a better situation than Borders.
  13. Yes, we get a couple of posts like you described every month, so you should have plenty of material for your experiment or whatnot. Regardless, enjoy your time here.
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