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  1. Noo, no sequel to this, it'd ruin the whole thing. Almost all sequels in the world suck
  2. Tasha


    Coldplay is so good! I'm not really a fan, but they have some awesome songs..!
  3. A Theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. I have watched it a couple of times on yt and it's ridiculous.. I don't understand the moms (and dads) at all. Plus it's just so pointless competing on who looks most like a barbie.
  5. Tasha


    I adore Skins. It's fantastic. I should buy the dvds...
  6. Definitely went to see it, it's a rule lol And it was good, full of awesomeness inside stuff lmao
  7. Glee Friends Desperate Housewives Made Skins TBBT Amazing Race Malcolm in the Middle Monk Supernatural
  8. Who on earth drinks only hot water...
  9. I've always wanted to see this O.o but haven't found it sadly
  10. HBC & TB, Mia Wasikowska and The Cure I'd say yeah
  11. Cold and cloudy... I haven't been outside tho
  12. A big incident on another forum It was awesome
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