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  1. Hmm, it actually struck me as odd at first sight to see this interpreted as people not being able to differentiate between Hermione and Emma. I'd have regarded it as an innocent allusion to her previous role. Lacking a better idea, I myself might ask "How might Pauline describe Emma to Hermione?" Consequently, I'd have expected an answer along the lines of "You'd have to ask J.K. Rowling." "Harry has always been very supportive of Hermione, so he'd approve. Ron might be afraid it could be dangerous, but I'm sure she'd have her way." "Ron would say 'wicked', that's for sure." Then again, th
  2. Ah, that's all easily answered. Because yellow dogs just look wrong. Because she's fantastulasticly awesome but still can't quite save the world all on her own. Hmm, good question. Is it a male dog? I think people love to get worked up on things these days. Or maybe it's always been like that. I mean, that's what tabloids are all about. "Oh my God, she did what with whom?" We watch our celebrities very closely so that every time they put a toe out of line, we can have a huge story about the scandal. And if they take too long to come up with something shocking, a slighly lesser sca
  3. Ah, that's how I always pictured Hermione. Except for the shoes. They don't seem to match. Wait, is this me discussing fashion?
  4. It's a beginner's mistake to ask for eternal life and forgetting to ask for eternal youth. What good is it to live for 200 years when your body feels as if it's 200 years old? I might use it like Maestro: Keep it while it's fun, then pass it on.
  5. Oh, I just got that. Took me long enough.
  6. Apart from these theroretical musings, it may be worth pointing out that the discussion on whether or not global warming is real and human-made takes place almost exclusively in popular media. In the scientific community, controversy on the topic is minimal. To date, there is not a single scientific body which disagrees that global warming is real and mostly caused by human activity [1]. Concerning individual scientists, a recent study [2] found that 97% to 98% of scientists active in the field agree with this view. Another study [3] surveyed scientists working in academia, government, and ind
  7. My take on this is: The climate of the Earth has always been changing throughout its history, forcing species into extinction and permitting the rise of others. There can be little doubt that humanity has influenced the recent development of the climate on a global scale. How significant this influence actually is, however, is still hard to assess. Nature is just such a vastly complex thing with a myriad of factors all contributing to the whole. Will everything be okay even if we continue what we do? Maybe. Will natural environmental changes make us all starve and drown and suffocate in a matt
  8. Hmm... "emwatsonsuperfan"? I don't know, it seems to ring a bell.
  9. She did. There are a few things you can do if you feel you won't be able to finish an assignment on time, but simply handing in someone else's work (who had taken the course the previous year - my memory's not that bad ) is not one of them.
  10. I once had a student who hadn't even changed the name of the student she had copied her work from.
  11. I had seven years of English at school and enjoyed it all. Well, most... of the time. In my native language, I had classes through 13 years of school, although I'm not so sure whether to count those first few years that mostly teach you how to read and write.
  12. Hello then. And welcome back.
  13. Me? I cannot even say "Thanks" in less than five words. I'd open my mouth, think about what to say, close it, and just walk past. She'll know.
  14. National? Which nation? And you're supposed to write a novel in a month?
  15. Oho! Hello Kristen! http://www.smilies.4-user.de/include/Froehlich/smilie_happy_052.gif Oh. No, it's still Emma.
  16. Isn't it funny how different people tend to use very different numbers of words to say the very same thing? Oh yeah, start the partey! http://www.smilies.4-user.de/include/Froehlich/smilie_happy_256.gif I know! I remember it when it was just a little egg.
  17. You would have to recreate the picture by making a drawing of your own. Anything you create based on the original image is derivative work and therefore copyright infringement. It might be easier to find another picture with a licence that is more lenient.
  18. Oh, hard to say. I'm really not sure but I imagine it might have been Neve. Or Jo.? pealegs? Possibly none of them. And it depends on your definition of "talk". The first extensive conversation I remember I had with Neve about her fan video "Time" and later about her going to the National Movie Awards in 2007.
  19. Steve Jobs was a visionary who made his visions come true. In that, he can be a role model to all of us.
  20. I've got two of those larger-than-life Hermione banners they used to present at cinemas (from Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire). Edit: Oh, I'm still Cap'n Anty Pegleg? Well, in that case: Arr!
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