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  1. I noticed there's no TARDIS.
  2. When playing football I suck either way but feel kicks using my right foot follow the general intended direction, which can't be said about kicks using the left foot. I use both. The left hand on the neck and the right picking or strumming. I actually can't really play guitar but that how I hold it whenever I try.
  3. I'm right handed and I cannot write with my left hand at all. I can type with my left hand, though.
  4. Trafalgar and Leicester? Are they going to take red carpet pictures at Trafalgar and then start a walking procession to Leicester Square to see the movie?
  5. That's a beautiful poem.
  6. There's going to be a forth season? Lovely! I suppose if I had to choose, I'd still prefer Doctor Who. Nevertheless, I've seen all Torchwood episodes and it does have an appeal of its own. "Doctor Who for grown-ups", or "Doctor Who with blood and sex."
  7. Haha, that's one expensive video. It does put a smile on your face, and its message may be more profound than is immediately apparent.
  8. When it comes to women and looks, always take the diplomatic route.
  9. Would it be mean to say "glad to hear that"? She'll be pretty either way, but I really liked her look with longer hair.
  10. Funnily enough, that was exactly when I started reading it. That's got to be around October 2000. I was given the first book by a friend and although I usually don't read a lot of fiction, I made an exception for the Harry Potter books.
  11. Fantastic award graphics. http://www.smilies.4-user.de/include/Optimismus/smilie_op_031.gif
  12. I suppose it's just any other day, so since it's a Monday, I guess I'll be spending it at work, followed by "out with friends", "home alone", or "something else".
  13. Only if it's a girl. Possibly not even then. While I think "Emma Watson" is a beautiful name, "Emma" sounds rather old-fashioned to my ears. That may be a German thing, though, it sounds much more appealing in an English context.
  14. Ah, well, yeah, that might complicate matters a bit, I agree. The single best thing about the European Union is that getting Doctor Who DVDs from the UK is hassle-free. And you mean you're like... not... in tears? Did you watch it to the end? Did you have your speakers turned on? There's music, too, you know. "I don't want to go." Gets me every time.
  15. Would it help you if I'd answer you? I've got to say I was wondering for just one second there...
  16. Antares

    Hello Again

    Yaaaaaay! Welcome to Forum Wonderland! Ha! If you knew...
  17. I just realised I like "worthwhile" a lot. And I seem to start every other post with "Well, ..." Ha! Those ring a bell.
  18. Ah! I'm so going to suggest that tonight as a replacement for our "Da du dir doch den Dank durchdacht, den Dido durch den Dolch dort duldet". And yours sounds just a bit Scottish, doesn't it?
  19. Well, I suppose they can, at least for Leicester Square. The cinemas (is it only the Odeon that has the premieres?) wouldn't be to thrilled about that, obviously. As for the film studios, they could probably find some other place. How about having the world premiere in Germany? Then I'd definitely come. In any case, I can't imagine the actual location of the premiere is important enough to significantly postpone the launch.
  20. Well how 'bout Letterman: (about what might happen in the 7th book) And in the end everyone dies? Emma: ... erm... well I hope not. (Quoted from memory, might have been different or not have happened at all.)
  21. I didn't understand a single word of it, with the possible exception of "tatoododotatoo". I've got a slight feeling this might be an inside joke...
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