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  1. Well I live in Croatia. When you start primary school (around 6-7 years old) you learn english. In higher grades of primary school you start with German (so its now english+german). In high school you continue with those two and add Latin (and if you go to classical grammar school like me and ancient Greek too ). So english+german+latin+ancient greek. But most high school offer additional foreign language like Spanish, Italian, French, Russian if you like
  2. Majoring in Geology (Earth sciences) and I love it Still don't know what to do with masters :/ I have doubts between oil and gas engineering and mileralogy and petrology
  3. For me its campus I love sitting on lecture (even though sometimes they're boring ), I love coffe from machine (even though it yucky sometimes), I love sitting on stairs and talking to my collge mates while waiting for lecture to start. Those little things are plus. Online college is good if you have a job so you don't have time to sit all day on a lecture or you don't have money for tuition. But you will never experience things which students have to go through (example : camping in front of professor cabinet cause you don't when he will come to college, vocal exam on parking 'cause pr
  4. just browsing the forums although I have to study for vocal exam tomorrow :/
  5. Amazing idea I do have skype, but I have to buy decent headphones
  6. It is on the top list my places to visit It looks beautiful Actually I was hoping to go and study there for a year
  7. I've been there two times. First time for Venice Carnival and it was amazing Second time we visited it for fun for few days. Lovely city, but I really, really hate the smell :/ and pigeons
  8. Santiago (hope to go there next summer ) Croatia
  9. Just got back from Spain next month I'll be in Belgrade (Serbia) for Beer Fest and that's it for this summer oh yeah... maybe I'll go to UK with friend 'cause of Dr.Who Experience
  10. trying to find some recipes for lunch
  11. Heathrow, JFK and my home zagreb <3 I hate frankfurt and rome :/
  12. Looove camping Its part of my college must-do-list something like field work
  13. Friends 'cause with family --> parents , I can't go out I mean I can, but I don't want to
  14. :o This is amaaaaazing Why this doesn't exist in my country?
  15. It all depends on drivers I hate old people driving Don't get me wrong, but when I saw 85 years old women with glasses who can barely see over the wheel I was shocked... come on, who gave her license? Me, for example I love fast driving, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad driver Of course that you have to be careful where will you drive at which speed. I live in a small town with bunch of kids running around the streets and of course that I'm not driving fast there.
  16. I like the drunk ones better "I wasn't that drunk" 'Dude,u were in my fireplace yelling "Diagon Alley"
  17. Just finished exams college sucks ^.^
  18. I love FB great way of communicating with college mates (and sharing exam question ^.^ ) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1265291162#!/profile.php?id=1129603402 theres mine
  19. Irish irish irish ^.^ (no, I'm not, I just love them ) anyways, welcome to the forum hope you'll enjoy it here
  20. good luck with college. I just hope to see you here from time to time
  21. nothing its so great that I don't have anything on my "to do" list
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