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  1. We have like 24°C, it's hazy somehow but no real clouds, almost no wind at all......
  2. I have to check all electric devices in my place that can be turned off at least twice before leaving the house for more than 30 mins..... I have a place for most things in my kitchen...and I just can't stand it when they're "off" by even 10 inches or so lol....or when can "A" is in place of can "B".... There must be more....hmmm
  3. Let's face it ppl, we will never have real proof, not even with a photo. I mean we're talking about the US government here! I'm not a conspiracy theorist and personally I believe ObL is dead, but if anyone could manufacture pics that show exactly what they wanted you to see, it's the govt!
  4. It's a good thing people like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein die the way they do at least sometimes. Otherwise, wouldn't the world look like it's all "wrong"? If you decide to live a life beyond all generally accepted boundaries, it should be clear that someone sooner or later might make you pay for that.
  5. Just heard it after waking up. Congrats to the US.
  6. yeah me too....i think i found the picture gallery on the main site first....then i took a look at the news and the comments.... ....and when i wrote my very first comment i was promptly banned by dook!
  7. LOOOOOOL Dortmund rulez!
  8. Great to hear you feel better. Nice smile you have there.
  9. Yeah...essentially those "Windsors" are just the brit branch of House Saxe-Coburg-Gotha....
  10. "end-of-the-world/battle-of-armageddon"? The massed forces of good and evil gathering on a plain in Israel with all their military hardware and uncounted numbers of troops to decide the fate of the world in one cataclysmic battle? Sounds interesting but not very plausible. Wouldn't do it if I was Satan.
  11. I want some white twix! and some white chocolate with hazelnuts! and some bigmacs and mcribs and mcchickens (with my personal sort of mayo)...and i want it all rite NOW!!! lol.....but it's no good if want to look ......
  12. It's true that muslim women are expected to "cover" themselves because showing too much hair or skin is considered indecent. The thing that angers me about it is that it's MEN who will cause all the problems (in theory) but they expect WOMEN to take steps (covering yourself) to prevent it in everyday life.
  13. If your god is all-knowing, he knew from the beginning what every being he created would ever do and what this being would be like; so he even knew about every "hole" that would be doug into every plain he created, right?
  14. I had something very similar last month. In fact I still have it. A friend of mine said it's "scareware"....not a real virus but something that will hamper computer operations, make your system unstable etc.....I guess there's a button somewhere you can click to buy (!) a kind of upgrade for your windows. That's what it wants you to do. I couldn't get rid of it, so after I noticed it only seemed to affect the user profile I created for internet-surfing, my friend suggested creating a new profile for that purpose and "mothballing" the infected one. It has worked so far. But if you can wipe yo
  15. Lol, sorry to say this, but Loch Ness has existed like it is today for at least a few thousand years.....a lake like that could never sustain a viable population of nessie-monsters/dinosaurs/dragons over such a long time.
  16. http://celebrity-gossip.net/sites/default/files/imagecache/fullsize_image/images/e/emma-watson-042411-6.jpg I like this one....but the first thing that went through my mind was: Small girl, big bags, and no one there to help her?
  17. I don't believe that's actually something anyone really wants, it's just something that might come about "de facto" if two sides fight each other to a standstill in the middle of the country. If you then have negotiations dragging on and on and on, while people start going about their daily routines again and even calling "their" country by a different name...well there's your split.
  18. :mad:Life ain't fair..... .....well nothing new there:(
  19. Yeah, wondered about that too.....her ppl (and others) must have some kind of gene that let's them stand the heat A LOT better. Every summer where we get 40°C+ I'm soooooo envious.
  20. OMG.....what a....nice hat...u got there.....
  21. I'd never have thought this would get so emotional. And we haven't even gotten into discussing that christian doctrine "...there's no way to salvation but the lord..." and what it implies regarding other faiths/religions.
  22. I have a thing for super-powerful authority figures, it seems.....
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