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  1. Well I saw it today. It's got awesome scenes, thats for sure. I think no dragon in movie history has ever died looking like THAT. Unfortunately the director apparently made some concessions for the younger ppl in the audience (no actual blood in the violent fight scenes for europe i guess, and no half-naked adolescent girls doing dirty dancing for the US)....but I'd still recommend it. You can spend ur money in worse ways.
  2. I saw a long trailer today....and sorry, I really didn't get what had all the villagers so scared. That werewolf/wolf (?) was just a big shaggy dog.
  3. Waiting til its time to leave....to go and see Sucker Punch:ph34r:
  4. Can surf and be online here using her phone while walking around in NY.....and make it look like it's as easy as using a laptop & lying on the bed!
  5. Knows where to get weed brownies:excited:lol
  6. Is the best friend the penguins of this world have!
  7. Awesome. And I hope it's the latter.
  8. I always felt like this pic reminded me of a celeb....I finally found out! She doesn't wear her hair this long, but still.... Reiko Aylesworth!
  9. 130671


    Now it just needs some red desert-dust and dirt on it.....
  10. Me neither....the daytime outdoor ones with the jeans and sweater were best....well, I almost never seem to like what those photographers make her wear<_<
  11. Being lazy and surfing the forum-_-
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    It`s the common indian name of turmeric. (lol thx rashmee...)
  13. If any of you have tried it, tell us about it......how does it compare to other "classic" shooters like CoD?
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    LOL....I don`t really cook, but still....I got to have curry, paprika, haldi, white & black pepper, and italian spice mix on most stuff i make myself:excited:..... I didn`t know u were from the carribean:D
  15. 130671


    I guess I like what I call "idealized realism" of the large old pieces such as this one.....the sheer atmosphere it evokes... And I managed to make it so small the effect is all gone!
  16. Aww...us poor europeans will have to wait longer....as usual:mad:
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