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Hello fellow food lovers,

I know you love food, I do love food too. But you must hate or let's say dislike some.
Lemme start,

Eggplant: Never tasted it and never will. I just don't like it.
Corn: It's hate like relationship but I dislike it most of the time.
Shrimp: Tiny little ones that lost in rice is OK, but those big huge ones never.
Orange: Not really a fan of the fruit nor the juice, but I love mandarins.

I can't think of anymore now but I'm sure I dislike some more. Will post when I remember.
Now share yours.
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I eat all that. :rofl:
I have never been a very picky eater, ever! My one sister and my nieces are VERY picky. I once had Whitecastle (burger chain) for lunch with my sister and nieces years ago. My one niece was eating flour-coated onion rings. She went, "This is very good :D . What is it?"
My sister replied, "They're onion rings."
You should have seen her face [i] turn [/i]. She went, " :mellow: ONION RINGS! YUCKKKK!" :lol:
The one thing you probably can't get me to eat is any kind of liver of an animal. :doh: Thank G-d I don't have any food allergies!
-knocks on wood-
-knock knock-
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^ Lol Kim your sister shouldn't have told her that it was onions until she finish eating it all :P

Well as for me the one thing that I can't and won't eat is eggplant. I don't know something about them makes me really really hate the taste in ways you can't imagine.
Also ginger if it was cooked with something and I can't taste that direct taste of it then it's fine but other than that I don't like tasting it :doh:
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[quote name='Imagine' timestamp='1300213350' post='78208']

No prawns?! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
Wow, this thread is very informative! lol ^_^
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i'm VERY picky when it comes to food, its really annoying

- tomato
- onion
- corn
- beef (i only eat minced beef :mellow:)
- nuts
- sweet and sour
- mushroom

and i hate it when people put on onion/corn on eg. pizzas telling me it doesnt taste it. then why on earth do you put it on if it apparently doesn't taste anything? <_< of course it has a taste >.< Edited by swarley
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I don't like most cooked vegetables, it's just a texture thing. I like onion FLAVOR but not cooked onions. I won't have onion rings :/ I don't like:

Cooked peppers
relish (but I do like pickles so that's weird)
cooked carrots (will eat raw)

yeah...just most cooked vegetables. other than that, I'm pretty good - I will eat most meats, fish, shellfish, etc. EXCEPT calamari or squid, those just freak me out.
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I don't really like meat, can enjoy chicken and possibly a burger but otherwise... meat is yuk.
Can't stand lettuce *shivers*. Other than that... I either love food or have no opinion, I rarely dislike something so can't think of much more. Beetroot isn't very nice either. Coriander is bleh.
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[quote name='Dreamzy' timestamp='1301733692' post='85997']
cheesecake ><

Thank GOD there's someone else on the planet who doesn't like cheesecake, everyone thinks I'm really weird!

I'm not a fan of dairy products, except yoghurt and some cheese.

Mushrooms are vile, I really don't understand what people seem to like so much about them.
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[quote name='BoMa' timestamp='1302034475' post='87735']
^ gotta agree, I always imagine it as cheese instead of a cake.

You know, my sister has never tried cheese cake. :mellow: I think she's completely insane.
She once admitted to me that the name "cheese cake" was a put off just because of what you mentioned, BoMa. I laughed so hard :doh: . Sorry! lol

Butttt, this is a person talking who will eat nearly anything (within reason) under the Sun. I can't even say I "dislike" any food.

Plus, cheese cake is created with the main ingredient cream cheese, which is derived from a harvested milk and processed to "cream" it. So, I suppose (though people can check for me, because I don't have the frame of mind to add a link tonight...so, I'm going on an educated guess here) that it is referred to as a "cheese" probably because of one or more of the following: 1) it has a process similar to that of cheese making, without the aging. 2) it retains the same consistency as a softer, table cheese and 3) it is, indeed, spreadable.

For those people who like to negate the cream cheese out of a cheese cake recipe, there are at least three alternatives to creating a "healthier" dessert. I made one seven years ago, and it was delish.
But, I digress. :unsure:

Sorry for my randomly long tangent. :lol:
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