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Would You Do This To Meet Emma

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would you not use computer for 2 month to meet Emma?


Might be hard since I use the computer alot for school work especially now since I'm starting college. And I wouldn't want to flunk even if I got to meet Emma. But if it was during summer holiday I would do that without a doubt. So in that case I would say yes.


Would you live in the dessert for a month to meet Emma?

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i have read all these and none of them would be a problem to meet her. im pretty sure that there isnt anything realistically that i wouldnt do . now would she want to meet me after doing said stunts??? :rofl:

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Defiantly storms are sexy :yesyes:


Would you listen to the worst band on earth for 3 years straight to meet emma?

pfff! thats easy to do as he said just block the song out of your head


yes I can still a lot of other things.


Would you live on the street for one week?

sure thats pretty easy to do better than sky diving out of a plane and having your parachute malfunction and you fall a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy long way to your death


Storms are sexy?



I would yes , i would be able to block out the noise of it



Would you date somone really ugly and cheat on your current partner if you have one?

no but would you jump 6 feet over a pit of spikes filled with scorpions and snakes to meet emma? i know i would problably die but its worth a try! :sweatdrop:

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