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What is your current homepage?

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My internet status on the internet provider, It's got to be that D:

Also, Jades tumblr.


I have two



I have a Speed Dial.

Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Imageshack.

This forum. PS3 Forum. Anime Forum. Anime site.

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I got a whole bunch of tabs open when I start up my browser:


- Potternetwerk.eu - A Dutch forum where I also do some admin work. Mostly dead by now but there are still some friends hanging out.

- This forum - Obviously :P

- City of Heroes Forum - A really great game that goes F2P later this year :P You might want to check it out :P

- Youtube

- Irregular Webcomic Forum

- themadfiles.net - My own website

- Eigenwereld.nl - Dutch gaming forum

- Screwattack.com - Gaming website

- Screwattack Forums - The forums of that website

- Facebook

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