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what was the last thing you bought?

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I just bought coffee... shocker lol. My addiction continues!


I had to cut down on my coffee intake. I was drinking five cups a day at one point; each cup of coffee is considered 5 ounces.


I still have some left over Breakfast Blend in a mug, and some Ethiopian blend coffee I got to keep from work this evening...probably 4 cups' worth. Gonna make it last next couple days lol.


I bought, today, another bunch of organic dandelion leaves, half a pound of organic, shredded (unsweetened) coconut, half pound each of organic fair trade quinoa, locally-grown organic brown rice and organic golden flaxseed, and organic tofu. All for $11, just about, after my discount. Looove it. :D


Also picked up a thin 1.75 ounce fair trade (organic lol) milk chocolate bar with crisps for someone I'm meeting tomorrow. Haven't seen her in 2 years lol.

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I got the Vernis in love 105M Corail in Love polish from Emma Watsons Lancome collection and the Rouge in Love 146B lipstick from her Lancome collection as well. I am SO excited to have these and I am definately going back for more...:D


And you got a really nice gift set if you bought two products from Lancome so there is a 5ml bottle of Emma's perfume in there. I've wanted to get the full sized one since it came out, but it is kinda pricey so I'm SUPER EXCITED about that :D




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