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:excited: :excited: :excited:


I figured how to add fonts to my photoshop finally! It hasn't worked up until today, thought I'd give it another try and it wooorrkkked. So happy :D Something a bit different :P:


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Thanks :)


Here're some old photos from my Deviantart gallery that I haven't posted here. At least, I hope I haven't posted any here, they have been in my previous photography thread so some people may have seen them. Excuse some of the lighting on them, I think some were taken on my old camera and/or I edited them badly at the time lol.














I have graphics to post, but I can't just yet :P It includes a calendar for the main site's May competition.

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^^^ Looooooooooooove!

I do like the water shot (above the praying mantis). The reflection is awesome!

You can tell what you said about your old camera. What's the difference between your old and new one?

You make my pictures look like crap. :sob: LOL.

I want to ninja that cupcake. Om nom nom nom.


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Tarzan and The Lion King <3 nice colouring snuffles.. you're amazingly awesome <3


and nice calendar, simple but awesome <3


love em all, keep it up!!!! you can do it!! ;p

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