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  1. Jade: Well, just keep in mind that not everyone will get it at first haha Ashley: Ouch! D: Thakfully I'll never get a tattoo haha. I'm glad you're happy with it though! Here's the hair. It looks longer on one side because I was tilting my head. Smart -.- I also apologize for looking a little tired.
  2. Ended up getting 6 inches off. My hair falls just past my shoulders instead of the middle of my back now It feels a lot better. And that's kind of unfair to say :S If you look at the posts above, they finally understood what you meant.
  3. Cut 6 inches off of my hair today xD No split ends!
  4. Just saw this on your Facebook sooo pretty :3 And aren't you afraid of needles? O.o
  5. Great idea, Will! 1.PhotoPhantom 2.Andrew 3.DeltaFoxtrotLima 4.130671 5.Provehito In Altum 6.Xx:David.xX 7.mischief.managed 8. 9. 10.
  6. I dunno. Today I was seriously thinking about getting more than a trim, but I don't think that'll happen.
  7. It has to be done sometime! The longer I wait for the split ends to get worse, the more I'll have to cut off D:
  8. I remember a Sebastian but I don't think I ever saw your face haha. You're cute BRING IT, WINTER! XD aaaand my hair needs a few inches cut off, me thinks.
  9. That's really nice that they kept Emma's going there quiet. I like this article
  10. Pretty as always! And I love your necklace YOU SO CUTE!! XD Be prepared for a whole string of comments like this hahaha.
  11. Accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil -_____-
  12. There's a light over your head! Ha...ha. You look good, as usual
  13. Both! I can't choose between those two xD but I like peaches more I guess. Ham or Turkey?
  14. Well, I'm gonna do two countries, since I'm a citizen of one but I grew up in another one xD I'm originally from Canada, and we're pretty much known for being a peaceful country. We're also known for our rivers and mountains, just scenery in general, and to get to the more stereotypical stuff, maple syrup, beavers (lol), multiculturalism and free health care and snow haha.. And unfortunately, harp seal slaughtering. NOT PROUD OF THAT! I grew up in Uganda, which is otherwise known as the "Pear of Africa". It's known for it's scenery and wildlife, typically the mountain gorilla. Also, t
  15. Did not want to go to a 3-hour night class... But I'm not one to slip classes, so I went. -.-
  16. ^ I didn't know you hated Apple products I wasn't an avid Apple product user but I have an iPad and an iTouch, and I'm warming up to someday getting a MacBook Pro. And GarageBand is pretty awesome too. It's a real shame to lose someone who has changed the world of technology so much R.I.P Steve Jobs.
  17. I have the same face shape as Emma and although the cut looks great on her, I would never do it xD I LOVE having long hair
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