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  1. That's great! Go CHANDLER BING!
  2. Happy Birthday to my pal Ardi! Just for you Ardi Boy! Enjoy your day
  3. I remember Michelle Williams when she first started on Dawson's Creek. Who knew she'd be so successsful? Sometimes, people fade into obscurity after being in something successful but I'm happy that she's been able to get more roles and become a serious actor.
  4. Yes I still buy CDs. I like to have a cd to look at the song lyrics and admire the cd photos that come with it. Sure, I could find all that on the internet but it's not quite the same as holding a cd booklet in my hands. I download music from the internet too, by legal means as well. I usually only download music if I only want one song from a particular artist. I wasn't much of a collecter of music so I never collected any cassettes in the past.
  5. Well I have never had creme brulee so I would like to try that one day.
  6. Hi Courtney, I got up early to make you a birthday thread but Jon beat me to it. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your weekend with your friends. I got some gifts for you. Firstly I made an icecream cake and some cookies. I wanted to get you a car as well but I had no money left..... so I got you the next best thing, he's name is Harold and he doesn't eat much.
  7. Hi Kim, happy birthday! I got you a bike as well, one that you can carrying all your things in. I also got you a car.... it doesn't have air conditioning so I knitted a cover for it for when it gets cold.
  8. You could wear some sparkly ballet flats in gold, silver or black. Or maybe you could shop around for a shoe that doesn't have a big heel.
  9. Happy birthday Jonny, I got you a nice cake and some cookies. I also found some cow magnets for your collection.
  10. I thought the movie was great. I think it's a pity they didn't make any more movies, I was expecting it would be a movie series.
  11. I like the Narnian books and I also like the movies. My favourite Narnian books are, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and The Silver chair. My favourite characters would have to be Prince Caspian, Jill Pole and Eustace.
  12. I like lots of Christmas movies. My favourites are Santa Claus, the Home Alone movies and A muppets Christmas Carol. I also love cheesy made for tv Christmas movies, especially if they are just a knock off of A Christmas Carol. I guess I like them because they are fun and I can relax while watching them.
  13. My family and I open present either on Christmas Eve or Christmas day depending on circumstances. Last year, we opened presents on Christmas Eve because my mum was too excited to wait and insisted we open all the presents, so we did. Sometimes we open our presents on Christmas Eve because my parents had to work on Christmas day and they leave for work very early in the morning. I think this year, we'll open our presents on Christmas day because my family have the time to do so. We are allowed to dress or wear our pjs during present opening, my parents don't mind either way.
  14. Happy Birthday Kimberley, I hope you have a nice time at your birthday dinner.
  15. I agree with the others and I also think people cheat because they are insecure. They might have a lot of pressure to get really good grades so they just want a little back up. It's not just slackers who cheat.
  16. I think you did well for a twelve year old. I thought you did well in creating a fast pace action story and keeping the excitement going throughout the story. I also thought you didn't need to be so specific about each weapon that the characters used and what cars they drove, it's almost as if the story is an advertisement for products. I hope you don't get discouraged by that one criticism, it's just my opinion that I thought might be helpful to you.
  17. I would organise for more professional development days for teachers to learn more about new behaviour management theories and establish more alternative schooling options for struggling students, street kids and children with high behavioural problems. I would also give out more grants to small towns and rural communities so they have adequate housing, health care and access to education.
  18. I really liked the pictures those pictures that you took of the Opera House.
  19. I think Girls Generation would have to modify their music a bit to appeal to American audiences because what works in Asia might not work in America. I think the western audience, has really moved away from girlbands and boybands so it will be interesting to see whether they would be appealing to them. I also hope that some of the girls are fluent in speaking English because I think that is what Boa struggled with, she was fine with singing in English but struggled when it came to interviews.
  20. Happy Birthday Arie, I hope you have a great day.
  21. The food at my campus is poorly made and over priced. The sandwiches on offer at the uni always look a day old, stale bread and dull looking fillings. Most students drive or walk down to the local shopping centre to have lunch in the eatery or they eat the snacks from the campus vending machines. I bring a packed lunch from home and eat at the common room with my friends.
  22. I don't remember who I first talked to on the old forum, but the first people I talked to here were Jon and Kim (Padfoot).
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