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  1. Hi and welcome. What's shown in your posts isn't your profile picture but your avatar, so you need to set that as well.
  2. So what now everyone's going? Yes, the center of the square is fenced off by a black wall and you can't really see what's going in there. It says they're preparing for the Olympics. Access to the cinemas and stuff is still possible, but I suppose it's not enough space to stage a major premiere.
  3. Antares


    As if you or I would ever reach 10,000 posts.
  4. I thought it was great. It is a clash, alright, but I think the style is similar to that of the ending credits of the Half Blood Prince, and possibly Prisoner of Azkaban.
  5. I just saw it again and have got to say that the dancing scene, while being questionable script-wise, is one of my favourites in terms of acting. I also like Daniel's performance here.
  6. As always, I'm way behind, waiting for all sorts of DVD boxes to be released, but I've been at the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff last week. Has anyone else been there? It's not that extensive, but they've got a few of the original costumes, which I found quite interesting, partly because it gives you a very real idea of how tall everyone is.
  7. I've seen recordings of it being performed in the Royal Albert Hall and towards the end, Ben Foster turns around and gives the audience a cue to clap along, so in a way he doesn't only conduct an orchestra and choir in front of him but also several thousand people behind him. Very impressive. My other Doctor Who favourites include Vale Decem, Doomsday, Song for Ten, A Dazzling End, and I Am The Doctor.
  8. Doctor Who. Not a movie soundtrack but a soundtrack nevertheless.
  9. Because extrovert people don't spend their day home alone browsing internet forums.
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    It's all a question of demand. I see there are a few request topics in the graphics forum, so I wouldn't mind a dedicated subforum. Only admins can change the forum structure, though.
  11. Off the top of my head, I'd say one of those talking in the wilderness scenes, like the one with the Snitch, yes. Overall, I think Emma got more opportunities to show a bit of acting in this movie compared to the previous one. Very good.
  12. I'm ISTJ as well, although it tells me that I'm moderately expressed introvertmoderately expressed sensing personalitymoderately expressed thinking personalityslightly expressed judging personality Apparently I'm very moderate. To give it credit, it suggested "Computer Programming", among other careers, which is, by and large, what I do.
  13. About the screen: Yes, that's a hardware failure of some sort, possibly the connection between the screen and the mainboard/graphics adapter. Sending it in for repair is definitely the best solution if you're still on warranty. Laptop displays don't contain any magnets, by the way, these are only in non-flat cathode ray tube monitors. About the battery: It's not uncommon for batteries to die after several months. That's usually considered normal wear and not covered by warranty after six months. If your laptop's older than six months, you might have to pay for a replacement.
  14. I'm an Aries and my Moon Sign is Scorpio. While I have not the slightest idea what a Moon Sign might be, I strongly believe that Scorpio is, by far, the coolest Moon Sign there is, because it means that I am *checks site* intense (roar), devoted (to selected things), purposeful (not in the early morning hours) and persevering (unless I lose interest). I like everything that is strong and powerful (as long as it's on my side), adore hot water (as long as it keeps its distance from me) and I hate being exposed or overpowered (which is unusual, I know, but that's just the way I am). As for as
  15. Dear Emma, I can't get over the fact that the Odeon an Leicester Square charges 16 quid for a cinema ticket. Do you get discounts for your premieres? Love, Anta
  16. I wonder how they're doing reshoots with her hair entirely different. A wig?
  17. Antares


    This is from this year's Bundesliga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97Z7iPn8YWI
  18. Erm, I was planning to spend New Year in London. It'd better clear up soon.
  19. Thanks, I will. I think he's still somewhere on my hard disk.
  20. I had associated that song with Emma, too, at one point. Ever since, the line "you see, I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue" makes me think "brown".
  21. My professor came by my office last week and asked "is it converging?" and I replied "yes, I just hope it's not asymptotical". Then I thought that would have to sound very strange to anyone not from the field. To us, it meant "are you getting there with your paper?" - "yes, I just hope I'll finish in time".
  22. I think Michael Gambon's Dumbledore is rather different from the one in the book. Richard Harris was considerably closer to my mental image. Snape is great, even though I had pictured him quite differently as well. Off the top of my head, I'd say McGonagall might be the character that, for me, differs least between books and films.
  23. In the days of old, I had a little, alien, computer generated guy in my signature who was quite obsessed... or let's call it infatuated... with Emma. He once tried to write a song about her and, after a few rather blunt attempts, came up with this: I wish I could say something that hasn't yet been said. Something that sweet and smart and funny and that you've never read. But they told you you are charming, they honoured every little smile. They wrote about your wit, your laugh, intelligence and style. Your clever humour is as wonderful as ever and you're wise beyond your years. A marvellous
  24. Well, then I'm going to say something different: PC, DS, Wii.
  25. Antares

    Sigur Ros

    I found this video that combines music from Sigur Rós (Ára Bátur) with Doctor Who: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ3xf1QiVcM
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