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  1. Happy new year Nina ! (rawr!) :)

    1. Nina


      Thank you very much Chris ! Have a happy new year as well, though I'm late :P

  2. Happy (early) new year Elena ! Hope you have been doing well !

    1. Elena


      I have a cold! WHOOPSIE DAISYYYY! But yeah I'm okay. Happy new year!

  3. What's done is done Emma. Enjoy a good nights sleep with no exams on the horizon. :P

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      Exactly, it was amazing to be able to sleep so long ;)

  4. New season of vikings started today ! :P

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      Hey Chris i'm so glad for you! Unfortunately my laptop has gone crazy for 2 weeks now and it is ready to go off anytime so I cant come and chat with you. I need to sort that out... xxx i'll try tonight to come see you

  5. Happy Birthday ! Half your life is over lol :)

    1. Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Mr. Pumpkinhead

      Ha ha. 80 years? I'll take that. Thanks Chris! Funny how fast 40 years go by. >.<

  6. Back with a virtually new PC....Skyrim.....and Win7..... :o......

  7. :o

    So what do we do now?

  8. The largest country? You`re from Russia?

  9. You need at least 50 posts of any kind to be eligible for membership - then you pm a moderator, who will sort you into a house. You do not get to choose which one. I think it`s based partially on birthdate and partially on the need to keep numbers in all houses roughly on the same level.

  10. Hey dude, you either don`t get many friend requests or you reject them, do you?

  11. You know what? I`m gonna be a real wussy and add you as a friend.

  12. it looks good, but maybe the signature is a little large?

  13. Oh no, I'm not trying to look smart. I'm sorry if I left you with a wrong impression there for so long.

  14. hmmm...seems we`re both here at the same time!

  15. Looks like you have plenty of friends already...maybe you should get to know them better before you start to make new ones.

  16. I suggest you wait with making new friends until you know more about the ppl here....and more important, until others can see a little more about who you are...

  17. uh oh , sorry that sounds a bit strange....

  18. If you don't mind me asking...where are u from originally? You look good but not exactly "swedish"....

  19. hey what`s that on the pic? could those be....ingredients for an everything soup?

  20. Congrats! The big 18 is there! Hope you enjoy it!

  21. Hi! Nice to see you here. :)

  22. Man, ur avatars and sigs have been pretty militaristic of late lol....you angry about sth?

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