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New Moderator: BoMa

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The moderators are happy to announce that BoMa accepted a position in the moderating team. BoMa is officially the longest member here as she was also the one who created those amazingly stunning beautiful banners we have on these forums! Aside from that we feel that she will be an excellent addition to the moderating team.


So please give a big round of applause to BoMa!

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OMG :sob: MY POTATO CHIP is now a global mod!!!

I totally saw this coming :D . Only becauz meh potato chip is a smarty pants. ^_^


<3 Cucumber. C-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-ssssss!!!!




P to the S, BoMa! Can't wait to work wit ya. :o


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LOL!!!! :lol:


Well, I got a nickname a few months ago and it's Cucumber. Don't ask. :rolleye0012:

It really is a long story, haha. But other members have fruit and vegetable nicknames now, too. :o


Thanks everybody, I hope I will be a good one. :P


THERE IS NOT HOPING! There is knowing. :P And of course you will!!! ;)


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