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What have you done today?

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Went to the gym: Worked out for 20 minutes.


Came home, took a shower, got dressed, ate an apple, put on make-up.

Went to school (College)


Came home had lunch. Now I'm chillin, but gotta go to work soon. Tonight I have a V.I.P evening with VILA (a clothing "brand") :P because I'm a member. LOl :tongue0020:

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Got up at 8:10.

got on the computer for a bit

Did my hair Went to Church

Now i am bored until 2:30 then i am going go workout for a little

Come back home until 4:50 then i am going to leave for Church

Got Choir Practice tonight then going go to McDonald latter with my church!!

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  • 1 month later...

i dont wanna be so depressing but...

i went to see my cousin in his casket for the last time and then went to his funeral. the burying into the ground part was the hardest..

then, i went to work and now i am working on being an active member here :)


but feelin super newbish

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