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Kelly Osbourne hates Emma's dress

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Ok people. Get over it. Kelly is on a show where her JOB is to critique what people wear to events. And she said nothing but good things about Emma, she just didn't like the dress. And personally, I hated both dresses. London and NYC. Emma markets herself as a style icon. So people are going to critique everything she wears. They'll like some, and not like others.


And to bad mouth Kelly to the degree some of you did, is pretty tacky and juvenile. She was just dong what she gets paid to do.

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However, even on Emma's worst day, she looks 10xinfity better than Kelly Osborne will ever.


Reminds me of that American nonsense show called Judge Judy. She used to say: „On your best day you're not as smart as I am on my worst day!“


She also used the word “ridiculous†many times and that is what Miss Osbourne is.

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I dunno....Emma could have worn a lamp shade over her head, and still looked better than Kelly!! <_<


I seriously wasn't going to reply in this thread at all; we all have our own opinions, but I totally just LOLed when you said "Emma could have worn a lamp shade over her head, and still looked better than Kelly." :rofl: I don't know what struck me funny about that, maybe the picture of it all. LOL.


Anywho, Kelly may "work" for a show that judges other celebrities on their wear but at the end of the day would you come away from the show and trust her as a completely credible source? I wouldn't.


And I did, absolutely, love the makeup and dress Emma wore to the London premiere. I loved the makeup she had on at the NYC premiere, but I wasn't a complete fan of her dress; and I'm not bashing her, because anything she pretty much wears looks great on her. However, I just feel that the NYC premiere dress didn't hold her right. I feel like it didn't compliment her figure/shape very well. The thing that becomes questionable, though, is Kelly's choice of words in her critique. Classy.

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I really liked Emma's dress and Emma said: "The less you reveal the more people can wonder."


Emma knows that people want to see her in short shirts.

She's already worn short dresses/skirts.

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