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Happy Birthday Arie!

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Happy birthday Ariebelles!


I cashed in my social security and retirement checks and bought you a dance studio... hope you like it!



I also bought you a new skillet! I'm not quite sure why, but the old one was kinda dented and bent. *shrugs*



Hope it was awesome! Love Gampy


Oh and OFF TOPIC: btw Ardi, you did great! What do you mean, "I'm not good at this"? >.< There is no bad way to wish a heart felt happy birthday. =)

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Oh my word! Is it that time of year already? (Well technically I missed it because I'm one day in the future but NM that!)


Let us all celebrate with a cake I did not, repeat, DID NOT just copy off google images. I totes baked this in my free time



It looks pretty small in the picture but it took 9 burly men and 3 oxen to lift it in and out of the oven, its well huge.


And as you are totes my BFF for lyf I went out and got you a ring that you surely have seen before (If you haven't it will put major strain on this friendship)





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Thanks guys!!!


Ashley, love you 2 girl!


Ardi, you did a fab job. Stop!!!


Lindy, that is one of my all time fav pics of Emma!!


Gramps, thats great!!!


Jer, done. I believe you bought me a cosmopolitan btw. I didn't order any of the drinks myself last night lol.


Joe, LOVE IT!!!

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