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Your Favorite Player(s)

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I am a little biased so I can't reply to a favourite players thread without throwing a few Stoke players in there...

Matthew Etherington.... a good old fashioned winger who has been on fire for us this season.

Ryan Shawcross.... an absolute rock in our defence, along with Robert Huth, not much gets past them.

Outside of Stoke, I could watch Lionel Messi all day.
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^Lionel Messi is the man. But no one cant beat O Rei de Futbol, he won the world cup at the age of 17, and the only player who won the world cup 3 times 1958, 1962, 1970: Pele.
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Basketball- Paul Pierce
Football- Derrick Johnson, Aqib Talib
Soccer- Oguchi Onyewu
Baseball- Brandon Phillips
Hockey- Pavel Datsyuk

These are my favorite current players.

All time list would look a lot different. Edited by jayhawk
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Basketball - Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen
Baseball - Jason Bay, Dustin Pedroija, Derek Jeter
Soccer - Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres
Hockey - Derek Roy , Bobby Orr [Even Though He Doesn't Play Anymore, He's Still My #1 Favorite ]
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