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What a nice way to ring in Pirate's Day....no one can notice the changes on the Forum today :sob: . I :rofl: -ed.



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Rum's good! Do share!


rum's good, but sail the whole ocean sounds even better, but drink up me hearties!! until all the rum's gone!!


MATEYS! me got some gold!!

from Spongebob :P


yeahh!!!! *throw off my hat*

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Yo ho ho, me still be a pirate! How are ye lads 'n lasses?


'm pretty drunk right now, great white beard!! the rum's gonnnneeeee, why's all the rum's gone?


oh look who's here


oh lookie here, a stranded damsel in distress ;p

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just say hello to the TV, its like u saying hi to him but he cudnt hear u lol hahahahaha


i knew it lol

hah, I saw him live now. :P


How do you know you don't want to :o

I don't. :o


Sorry for the bad quality, but on my way home he drove by and I catched him on my mobile lolol. (2:30)


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