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Post Pictures Of Yourselves Thread

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*Imagine - 2nd one is nice :D


*yorkshire post smth neeeeeeeew :P


*Chesong - i want to go on the beach *______*




my picture you can see in my signature :lol:

That's you in your signature? I thought it was an actress! You kind of remind me of Bonnie Wright :D your eyes are very pretty.



@ 130671: HAHA! Yes it is me, thank you :lol:

@ NobleManiac: Thank you so much...and in all honesty, I think I'm average looking XD

@ Black Tiger: lol, I'm adopted so I don't know who my real mom is.

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@ 130671 You look like a model, beautifull pictures

That look-like-a-model girly is Stoga. 130671 just messed up with the quotes lol. Just sayin'


Gosh... I envy your hair! *________*


Awhh faaaanks, you shouldn't be it's a pain in the backside n__n. You on the other hand look gorgeous.

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