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  1. What a waste. He should have taken Denise Richards:P (when they were still married) and moved to idk where...away from Hollywood. Living on a ranch in southern California with Denise & kids, doing the occasional movie....sounds good to me....
  2. Wow....I guess I felt like Mods were a kind of unchanging presence.... Well good luck to you!
  3. Leaving the computer to watch the news
  4. I don`t know if strict and wide-ranging gun prohibition laws such as the ones here in Germany actually serve to make this a safer place as far as gun use by criminals is concerned. Criminal elements always seem to have no shortage of illegal weapons, though many are never used. But I can tell you that a government policy of almost total disarmament of the populace will over generations lead to that same populace having an abnormal and distorted view of guns, their use, and even personnel regularly involved with both. Playing this card the right way has influenced voting behaviour in the past a
  5. No lol....now i know.....CILLIAN MURPHY!!!
  6. You remind me of someone but I just can`t place it.....
  7. Signature(s): 01. mrr_madeline 02. ckravitz 03. BoMa 04. padfoot 05. Imagine 06. Sammy 07. Lil Saint 08. Flying Kiwi 09 130671 10
  8. Power is hereditary only as long as your people don't take it away from you.
  9. CAWFEEEEE! From 5 am to 1 pm! REAL strong! (with milk:P)
  10. I just heard in the news the Americans aboard the yacht are dead.
  11. Those Somalis want to be pirates because they think the gain outweighs the risk? Fine. Then we should treat them accordingly. Use submarines for surveillance, surface, tape it when they throw weapons and ammo overboard (thus admitting they ARE pirates), then use whatever weapon seems appropiate to destroy their ship. Hundreds of miles off the coast it`s not even necessary to prevent them from jumping overboard before that happens. Then dive again. It`s really quite simple to get rid of them. This problem is there only because the rest of the world is quite lazy about security.
  12. 130671

    Pen To Paper

    But enjoy? How many will admit to enjoying that?
  13. Militaries are essentially predatory societies within societies, created by men originally. Aggression is a needed quality - and so it`s not always the most "balanced" people who are attracted to the service. As long as women are generally unable to meet force (from men) with equal force, this will happen again and again. Short of having unlimited surveillance in all installations and have female troops carry a gun at any time everywhere else, I don`t know what could stop it. Great though you're trying to help, Karen. Hope it doesn`t get all bogged down with endless blahblah in court or in
  14. http://gallery.ewva....lbum=461&pos=12 This dress =
  15. Try your best! You never know...
  16. The dress is ok if a little dark....but the hairdo and that lipstick ()? Someone ought to tell her less red on the lips, more black 'round the eyes, and some wild spikey look for that hair....
  17. If it was called "Hermione Granger", i might have given it a try. I like to be a fan of ill repute...lol
  18. Lol....I remember very clearly I never read Harry Potter!
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