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What Do You Want For Christmas/Your Birthday?

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A dinner with family would be nice, since I'm living apart from them (they're in Indo & I'm in Sydney)...


But if you ask me for something in form of an item, well, maybe a CintiQ pen tablet, I wanna try n improve my digital drawings, but the price is just... too much to ask for atm.

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For Christmas, the NGP (aka PSP 2) or the next generation of MacBook Airs


For my birthday (2012), either the iPad 3 or next generation of MacBook Airs (if I get a MacBook Air for Christmas, than the two presents listend here are void).

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I've always wanted the following (not all at once, of course),

-A 2.0 or higher genuine road bike (mine is a hybrid, like a trainer, but it was all that I could afford two years ago).

-A Hofner cello (I started shopping for them back in November to get prices)

-A Sony digital camera (I bought my mom a 13.4 MP Sony digital camera for Christmas few years ago; she hardly uses it, but I want my own)

-A set of Molskine journals

-Music lessons

-Bike accessories :yesyes:

-A Macbook :lostit:

-A dog :wub:

-A watch

-Prescription contacts.

-A CAR loool


Yeah lool, I want a lot. :doh: haha. I don't think I'll get any of this from my family; I'll have to save up for all those things. I'm perfectly fine with that, though. ;)

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Four things I'm hoping to get on or around my birthday this year:


-a lot of alcohol

-a new car deciding between a Ford, Audi or Fiat.

-an Kalashnikov type rifle, probably a Yugoslavian 74 or Polish Tantal

-a pistol, most likely the Walther P99


These will be birthday gifts to myself...Hopfeully I'll have enough money by then

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 To be with my family and friends.


As I get older I realize that their company and conversation and the time we spend together is my greatest gift.  The other stuff is gravy. 


I'm like the Whos in Whoville. :P

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even though both are pretty far away, i want an ipad. i don't really need it lol but still i want it haha tongue.gif

My birthdaaaay soon and only then would I think about the New Year :P (omg again new year :( )


My parents want to get me that and I have no idea why would I need it when I already have a smartphone with the same functions. Only that the screen is bigger? or another battery to discharge? haha. I don't rly know but I wouldn't mind if they gift me one, but I might use it when my Android battery dies (which dies fast! if you have one, you know) or I would use it for work. Cause I need office very often.


But as for myyyy wishes, lol they are quite mental...:


- I want a big boquet of red roses from a guy friend I met this year. And I want him to invite me on a dinner in some nice restaurant. And I'd like sth like.. ugh idk, jewellery? what can a guy give a girl.

- I want a special day, b/c it's an anniversary I want a lot of surprises, friends and family near, I want to cry from happiness on my birthday. I want to be amazed at how great my friends are and what they do for me!


The things we want but can't possibly receive? :P well I want a limo to come to my house and my girls jumping out "Happy 20-th!!!" and us all together driving to someee hmmm party with male strip show included? hahaha :P


As for the real important wishes:

- I want all my broken, damaged, somehow lost relationships with people important to me get fully healed without any regrets any hurt or offence. I want to start from the brand new start.

- The gift that would rly put me in the 7-th sky is a ticket to Germany or money for it or my aunt saying: "yes! we will go to Germany for a month in january!" I'm not able to describe the happiness I would feel if it happens. I expect it on the New Year Eve.




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Well for my Bday I still can'r decide what to get but I am owed a present!


For Hannukah (which is SO soon):


I would like to be able to celebrate with my family and another year of Glossybox! Also, to take a trip to Israel to visit me besties and family.... but I know I am getting that :)

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