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Post a link to your tumblr is you have one.




I post my digital art, reblog and reblog and post photography that I see on the web, and sum other varying stuff.


I'll follow you back if you follow me, as long as your posts don't get annoying. ;P



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I could use some followers, my link is already posted though. Feel free to still follow it. Though it was posted 2 months ago I still use it everyday. I post maybe 10-20 posts a day on it. (:

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I really didn't get Tumblr at first. But finally decided to join because I found it would be the best place to post my photography and maybe some graphics. Followed some of ya! Just joined but I proudly present to you:




we have the same layout! :o you have good taste ;)


Here's mine!! Erenowlove

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