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Hi everyone


my fave character is Snape because he was always on the right side but he acts as he´s not.

When I read in the last book that he was in love with lily I was shocked.

That´s crazy, but I can´t change it.


What are your fave charakters?

Please write back.

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omg, the part about Snape in the last book... "The Prince's Tale", I think I cried the entire time I was reading it.

It's one of my favorite chapters out of all the books!

I can't say I love him as a character though even though his personal story is amazing imo.



During a long long time, my favorite character was Hermione. I used to be so much like her lol, and I really loved it.

But as I was growing up, Ron was growing on me lol. Of course I still love Hermione's character and she's one of my faves, but I think Ron is my #1.

He's just so endearing and caring and lovable and I just love that.

I obviously love the whole Weasley family lol, Fred and George... I'm still in denial about Fred :P


So yeah.. Ron would be my choice.

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I actually don't have just one favourite, but this is my top 5:

I love the trio, of course.

And also Sirius Black and Severus Snape. I love dark characters who didn't have an easy life and yet decided to follow the right path in the end.

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Sirius. I love how he stayed sane in Azkaban and is so caring for Harry, like James would've been... He died fighting for Harry and his friends too.


Other favourite characters are Tonks, Fred and George, Draco, Hermione and Harry :D

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Harry and Ron tied for number 1


top 5 is so close though.


2. Hermione

3. Severus

4. Sirius

5. Remus


2-5 changes depending on the day/weather


And if I'm feeling Snapeish, then some days he'll make a cameo in the top spot! :blink:

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Well realistically they are all pretty amazing in their own regard, however I'd have to say Dumbledore followed closely by Fred and George.

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I can't even chose one. But if i had to, it'd be Sirius or Snape . They're both such dramatic characters, suffered a lot and still were so strong.


I also like Ginny a lot, the way she's described in the books (because the way she is in the movies is a bit disappointing)

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