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Dax Steps Down

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The moderators are sad to announce that Dax has chosen to leave the team to concentrate on his school and future career, something which I and my colleagues only can encourage. Dax has been with us for a long time on the old forums and has played a major part in shaping the forums we are on today. That's why he and Katy are not just respected members(which they are) but also Forum Founders.


Please join me in thanking Dax for all his hard work.

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Oh my god, I thought only Katy stepped down, then looked down a little and saw Dax too, my mouth dropped open :o Two of my favourite mods gone in one day :doh: Good luck with school Dax, thanks for helping me so much and being a great mod!

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Best of luck with your studies Dax! You've been a huge help to so many here. Thanks for always being an easy person to turn to if/when we had need for assistance. I hope you'll stay with the forums and still have the time to chat and post here.

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This forum will never be the same without you Dax. I was only on here for a bit, but I knew from the moment I met you that you were a huge piece of this forum. Good luck with your studies, and I hope you still post and chat whenever you have the spare time.

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Daxy Foxy T_T

Thank you for everything, you will always be a great mod in my eyes. It's sad to see you go but I understand studies come first.

Hope that we will see you around *you better be xP*.

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To Dax:


Roses are red,

Violets are blue (aren't they violet?!)

So, you're leaving Mod World,



(First they told me Pluto wasn't a planet

I nearly had it. :mad:

Then, they say there's a thirteenth astrological sign.... :huh:

And I thought, "WHAT?! FINE!!!!")


So, I was walking home one day (technically, I was painting walls all day...)

And I heard, much to my dismay,

The Godfather was leaving the Forum;

I refused to be part of this Decorum :drool:


I screamed and cried :sob: , and hid behind some carrots,

Everyone looked at me and repeated, like parrots,


I sat and sat, and pondered and pondered, and yelled, "Let's turn into dancing foo's!"


The e-family seemed to have looked :lostit: and wondered,

And mistook my statement for a blunder.

Dramatically I crossed the room in an effort to unscrew

A sparkling bottle of champagne, as my friends flew


Into dance. :ohyeah:

The room whirred as couples gathered; and finally, I saw my chance:

Standing on top of joined tables, I clinked my glass

And yelled, "I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!" quite fast.


The room, once alight with motion, suddenly perked. :0_0:

My voice resonated, "To The Godfather, who preferred to lurk

"In the shadows of our (chat) room, I wish you

The very best on your quest, you rhyming foo' B) ."


Everyone, eyes bright with mist,

Sat to graffiti a list,

Of commonly used Daxisms

Fighting over the marker, there formed a schism.


The following was written:

"SOB, -_o, O_O, eh?, wah wah wee woo wah"


To Dax :king: ,

<3 Lena ^_^

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ey ey ey wats this? i left for a month and ur mod no more? whos gonna kick those creeper over the chat man?? oh well, i guess all i can say is good luck with everything and have a good one ;p

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