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What Language Do You Wish You Could Speak?

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^ I agree, Portuguese is a fantastic sounding language. I can read some and understand when it's spoken because of it's relation to Spanish. I would love to properly learn it someday, however.

For me, it would be Italian or French.

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I'd like to be fluent in French, but at the moment I speak more Franglais than French. Speaking Chinese would be VERY useful though, you could get a very well paid job translating between English and Chinese.

Im now taking courses on simultaneous interpretation between Chinese and English.It's really a kinda fantastic work.

Personally,I'd like to speak fluent English,German,Italian and Spainish.I took German course last semester,just a beginner.

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If I could only choose one it'd definitely be Japanese, it's the most beautiful language. :)

Apart from that I'd love to be fluent in Spanish (only understand 50% and speak nothing at the moment), and russian! Russian is soooo beautiful, and Swahili because it's awesome.


There's no language I don't want to learn, pretty much. I'm crazy about languages :excited:

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Я мало знаю руÑÑкий Ñзык, но Ñ ÑƒÑ‡ÑƒÑÑŒ говорю по-руÑÑкий. I'd love to learn how to speak German and French. It'd also be nice to get some touch-ups on Tagalog.

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